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What is RealSure?


RealSure is an exciting rapidly expanding real estate technology company on a mission to help people win at home ownership. Our vision is to be a category-creator by building the go-to, lifelong homeownership solution that is trusted by everyone who wants to maximize their current and future investment in a home. From our early roots supporting home sellers, RealSure has evolved into a fast-growing independent organization dedicated to improving all aspects of the homeownership process - starting with buying and selling but soon to touch so much more.


What does RealSure do?


As much as the home buying and selling process has evolved in recent years, it remains challenging and highly stressful for most people. This is particularly true given today’s market dynamics - and not just for buyers. With a mission to help people win at homeownership, RealSure is committed to reducing stress and removing barriers to buying, selling and so much more. Everyone on the RealSure team is working tirelessly towards fixing outdated processes within the real estate industry that get in the way of ownership - from current owners unsure of the price or timing around selling their home, to buyers unable to compete with cash offers, to contracts that get signed and then canceled, to rigid timelines that can leave families stressed and scrambling. Our RealSure Sell and Buy offerings are available in a growing number of markets across the U.S. Yet this is just the start of much more to come.


What does RealSure offer to consumers today?


RealSure currently has two offerings available in select markets across the U.S. - both of which provide greater flexibility, control and peace of mind for consumers while creating a strong platform for agents.

RealSure Sell

     ○ RealSure Sell is all about options. Our “best of both worlds” approach provides an exclusive way to provide your clients a competitive cash offer alongside the option to publicly list their home with a trusted agent. The ultimate choice is up to them. And if they accept the cash offer from RealSure, they have the flexibility to stay in their home for 30 days after closing.

RealSure Buy

     ○ RealSure Buy gives your clients the backing to make offers as competitive as cash - a critical differentiator in any market, but especially today. Qualified buyers can waive their financing and appraisal contingencies to make the strongest offer possible, giving 3 buyers an edge and sellers more certainty. This approach will be a game-changer in making homeownership accessible to many more consumers.

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